Topps Bundesliga Chrome 2015 trading cards

Topps Chrome  Bundesliga 2015-728x300

There is no doubt – popularity of the Bundesliga is huge. Trading cards manufacturers certainly know how to find new wazys to reach to reach more customers. Topps DE (headquarter in Germany) announced that they will produce yet another official cards collection for Bundesliga 2014-2015 season. After the release of the Match Attax, publisher will feature… [Continue Reading]

Topps Premier Club 2015 trading cards

Topps Premier Club 2015 Barclays League

Even though the 2014 has not yet ended, Topps UK already announced their new high-end soccer card collection “Topps Premier Club 2015″ which will be launched in January 2015. The Topps Premier Club 2015 is an official Barclay’s Premier League trading card collection. It features : 150 base 50 inserts Autograph cards Box break Recommended… [Continue Reading]

Choosing The Best Trading Card Sleeves

Soft Sleeves Ultra Pro and BCW 100

In our hobby, condition is the king. Condition is everything. The value of your card is directly influenced by the condition.Its the card storage that separates the rookie from a pro collector. In this post, I will show you the definition, classification and the best trading card sleeves you can chose according to your specific… [Continue Reading]

Why are you ashamed of collecting stickers?

man scared of admitting he collects

All set. Ready, steady go. You  are running, finding your way through the crowd. Here it is! You finally see it. The hood you are wearing makes you look like a bank robber. And then you enter the store. Sneaking behind the shelves , all masked out. “How may I help you Sir”?  a shopkeeper… [Continue Reading]