Cards & Stickers Online Shops Review- Part I

Online Store reviews part 1

This will be an article with personal reviews about some online shops for buying cards and stickers. I expect to write more in the next weeks (ahem, months maybe). These reviews are done mostly with my experience as a buyer, so please, don’t take it as a whole. Feel free to disagree with me. Some… [Continue Reading]

Navarrete Copa America Chile 2015 album

Copa America 2015 Navarrete album cover page and stickers

It’s a pleasure to introduce all collectors to the amazing album Copa America Chile 2015, produced by Navarrete (Perù). It’s the 7th edition (first one was for Copa America 1995) and year by year the quality has been increasing rapidly. Collection consists out of 235 stickers and 36 page sticker album including covers. Note :… [Continue Reading]