Sticker album Panini France 98 World Cup FIFA 1998


Panini France 98 Official Sticker album bookTo honor World Cup 1998 held in France, Figurine Panini published their 8th album Panini France 98. France was the host nation for this World Cup second time in a row. They beat Morocco in the bidding process. Hosts won the world cup, beating Brazilian squad 3-0 in the final match. This was the first time France won this title, and they became 7th nation to lift the trophy. Third place went to Croatia, where as Holland came forth.

Official sticker album Panini France 98 is a collection that has 560 stickers and a 64 page album. Blueish sky designed cover page shows "France 98" headline at the top, countries flag at the middle, Panini mascot and a logo in the corners. The collection has been separated into categories :

  • Introductory
  • Program and stadiums
  • Teams

Album Panini France 98 World Cup 1998 general information :

  • Collection name : Panini Official Sticker Album France 98
  • Publisher : Panini
  • Country : worldwide
  • Availability : worldwide
  • Stickers : 1-561
  • Stickers size : 4,9 x 6,5 cm
  • Album : 64 pages softcover
  • Album size : 23,2 х 27,2cm
  • Box :  100 packs
  • Pack : 5 stickers

Official Sticker album Panini France 98 (1998) introductory

First cover page of Panini´s 1998 France sticker album features standardized pattern. List and abbreviations of the nations, content and symbols tables. Opening page contains 3 stickers :

  • Trophy
  • Official emblem
  • Official mascot

Panini France 98 Official Sticker album book2

All stickers in this part are shiny. Mascot for this World Cup was Footix, one of the national symbols of France, with the words "FRANCE 98" on the chest.

Program and stadiums

1998 France World Cup has been played on 10 stadiums. All of the stadiums appear in this section. Stadiums have name and capacity information on a sticker.Large yellowish fixtures table shows the program of all the matches from first ,until the final.

Panini France 98 Official Sticker album book 4 Panini France 98 Official Sticker album book 3

Teams in  sticker album Panini France 98 - 1998

32 teams are included in this sticker collection. Teams are separated in groups A-H, with 4 national teams in each group. The team that you will be able to see first is Brazil, and the one the last one is Jamaica from group H. USA, Iran and Jamaica have fewer amount of stickers then all the others teams and they include 10 stickers (9 are vertical) per team :

  • 1x Shiny Logo (badge)
  • 1x team sticker
  • 8 individual players (2 players per sticker)

All other teams feature 17 stickers per team :

  • 1x Shiny Logo (badge)
  • 1x team sticker
  • 15 individual players

Panini France 98 Official Sticker album book 7Panini France 98 Official Sticker album book 8

Panini France 98 Official Sticker album book 5Panini France 98 Official Sticker album book 6

Panini France 98 Official Sticker album book 11 Panini France 98 Official Sticker album book 12

The last team in this sticker collection is Jamaica. There is no closing section in Sticker album Panini France 98.

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  • Editor Rating

  • Rated 3.5 stars
  • Very Good

  • Album Quality
    Editor: 75%
  • Stickers Quality
    Editor: 75%
  • Collection Design
    Editor: 70%
  • Innovation
    Editor: 65%
  • Text
    Editor: 55%
  • Price
    Editor: 75%
  • Value for the money
    Editor: 70%
  • Fun Factor
    Editor: 70%

Review Summary:

France 98 is one of the most popular sticker collections ever. Design is quite standardized and there are no innovations compared to the previous collections. Quality is very good. The whole Iran team license problem made this collection impossible to complete for most people.


Standardized quality. Beautiful look of the introductory page with shiny stickers. Interesting design.


Iran team license problem, not all the teams have same amount of stickers. Hard to complete.

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  1. Avatar of FootballCardsAndStickers says

    Pavle, the Iranian players and badge were available to order from Panini UK only in the UK…they were never released in our packs…they were issued with the statement “manufactured in the UK for distribution solely in the uk” and came with a covering letter from panini. The images above for Iran, are they authentic international edition stickers for Iran? the badge just looks a bit strange?
    the badge which was issued by Panini for Iran has a white background and the players all have dubbed out shirts.
    I wasnt aware of any iran players released in european editions? learn’t something new if they were?

    Report user
    • Avatar of Pavle says

      Andy this is not the original version. My bad. I uploaded a wrong photo of Iran team.
      Everything about the Iran set and France 98 can be found in the FRANCE 98 A-Z guide we published (which is sent to subscribers for free).

      Besides UK there was an Italian Edition, and there is a rumor of Venezuelan as well.

  2. Gustavo says

    Excellent work! I have seen in Brazil a panini france 98 (brazilian edition), including some extras sheets. I just remember Leonardo and Dunga. Do you know something about this?

    Best regards.


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