Panini FIFA 2014 Brazil album design finally confirmed!


What CardzReview publsihed on 28th of January over a month ago), Panini Modena has finally confirmed! The design for Panini FIFA 2014 Brazil album has been officially presented on their website. I guess CardzReview beaten the odds and revealed this information before everyone else on the internet. For all info about collection, check out guide to Panini Brazil 2014.

Panini FIFA 2014 Brazil Album



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Panini FIFA 2014 Brazil album - My Panini Personalized stickers

Like in the all the recent stickers set, there will be a special service ,where you can create your own Panini FIFA 2014 Brazil album sticker. This undoubtedly reveals how actual stickers will look like, which I already confirmed in previous topic.


Panini FIFA 2014 Brazil Album - Virtual

It seams that like with South Africa 2010, Panini will launch Virtual Sticker album also. There will be code on the stickers, which you can enter online and create your virtual album. With 1 code you get 5 virtual stickers. According to this, there is a possibility that stickers are horizontal like in the Champions League 13/14, but I am just guessing.

Panini FIFA 2014 Album Virtual

Panini FIFA 2014 Brazil album Release Dates

CountryApproximate Release Date
United Kingdom27.3.2014
Russia 31.3.2014


This table is based on information gathered by distributors. It is not official. If you have any approximate release date for your country, please comment bellow, and lets update the table. Are you looking forward to collecting this set? Please share this article with your friends. Lets notify everyone, World Cup Craze can start! Got, Got, NEED!

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  1. Makhno says

    It will also be interesting to list all the variations for each national edition.
    Thanks for this great job Pavle !

      • Makhno says

        If Panini follows the path they took with the 2 or 3 last international albums, I expect more than a few variations !!

          • Makhno says

            Well I agree with the 4 you mentioned. I also suspect another south american version (as they did in 2010 with Chile).

  2. Profile photo of Pavle says

    Well interesting thing is that on Virtual set, it shows some stickers will be vertical like in Champions League 2013/14 but on MY Panini service, stickers are normal, horizontal, perhaps there will be a mix of both.

  3. Pete Farmer says

    Perhaps a Russian version. There was for Euro 2012 but very hard to find. I was lucky enough to get one. Even for the international versions, I am always interested to see how many different world flags appear on the reverse at the bottom of the album. Very exciting.

    • Makhno says

      Hi Pete. How this russian version of Euro 2012 look like ? Are there any differences with the international one (pages, stickers, extra stickers, …) ? Thanks

    • Profile photo of Pavle says

      Pete, you caught me unprepared. I was not aware of Russian Version of Euro 2012. It is probably different flags on the back cover ,and perhaps a pack variation?

      • Pete Farmer says

        The Russian version looks the same as the international version but with a small bit of Russian writing on the front and the flag of Russia on the back. I have so much to talk about as an avid collector but don’t really know where to start. For example the Israelis do some variations, particularly good is the 2002 version. If anybody has MS Publisher I can send you a file with the packets and albums that I have as well as a MS Excel spreadsheet that has the albums and packets that I still need. I am particularly busy at work at the moment but as the Summer advances I feel I have a lot to offer this group. Well done Pavle. This site has been needed for so long and I applaud you on it. I am looking forward to your weekly WC blogs and will hopefully have things to offer each time.

        • Makhno says

          Thank you Pete. I’m particulary interested with the files you mentioned. Pavle, is there any way to swap files or at least emails on you fantastic website ?

          • Profile photo of Pavle says

            Thanks for sharing great info Pete and Makhno.
            @Pete you can get in touch via with me, and I will be happy to include content into World Cup Course. Will be happy to share it with other collectors.
            I will be looking into a possibility of creating a forum, but until then ,you guys can discuss whatever you wish via comments.
            @Makhno You can share email via comment, but if you do not want to put it in public, you can also contact me via contact page, and I will forward it to Pete, so you two can exchange.

          • Makhno says

            OK, great ! I’ll be happy to share knowledge and pics about Panini alternative versions and bonus material for the upcoming WCC. I give you my email via contact page for forwarding to Pete.

  4. Pete Farmer says

  5. Vienna says

    Great news! Do you already know how many stickers will be in one pack and in the whole album?

  6. ItalianStickersCollection says

    Can i ask you a question? The stickers of brazil 2014 will present differents? For each state the stickers will be different about Font and photo of player or the stickers will be differents only for the color such as Euro 2012? I don’t want stickers with last photo of player or photo that represent the player with a shirt that the national team won’t used in Brazil ..I hope that the player in photo will have the shirt that will use in brazil

    • Profile photo of Pavle says

      Sorry I do not understand what you mean. If your question is about variations, I do not know, but will announce as soon as something is known.

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