Panini World Cup Brazil 2014 Sticker album photos!


I am proud to present to you Panini World Cup Brazil 2014 sticker album photos. Sticker collection contains 640 stickers and 72 page album of all 32 teams that will participate in the World Cup in Brazil. You can see 3 photos, but when you share this post via social networks, you will open 5 more photos. When you are done reading, make sure to check my complete A-Z guide to this collection, it contains everything you ever wanted to know.

Panini World Cup FIFA 2014 Sticker album Brazil stickers book

Panini World Cup FIFA 2014 Sticker album Brazil stickers book 3

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photo 4

As you can see cover page is the same as the one CardzReview revealed in January. Introductory part  of the  Panini World Cup Brazil 2014 Sticker Album contains 7 stickers. Like in previous Africa 2010, there is a "roll of honor section" with World Cup final overviews showing all World Cup winners from 1930-2010.

Panini World Cup Brazil 2014 Sticker album breakdown :

  • 72 page album
  • 0,00 + 1-638 (640) stickers in total
  • 100 packs in a box
  • Recommended retail price is 0.60 euros per pack (Europe)
  • 19 stickers per team (Badge + team sticker + 17 individual players)
  • 32 teams
  • 2 page for each team

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I got photos from a fantastic person from Greece called Isidoros. Isidoros, thank you on the behalf of all CardzReviewers! For more information about Panini World Cup Brazil 2014 sticker album I recommend you these articles :

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  1. Levivo says

    Is there anything in the album, on which you think would be a special greek version thing? Like places for extra stickers?

    • Avatar of Pavle says

      Look at some of the previous articles, depends on the country. As you see its in Greece already, in general until the start of April should be everywhere.

  2. Pete Farmer says

    Once again Pavle you astound me on the speed at which you can get this info. Keep up the good work!!!!

  3. ItalianCollector says

    Bad…very bad! The soccer jersey of Nigeria and Bosnia are old…the jersey of chile instead dates back to the copa america.. the teams have changed the jersey for a long time ..i’m italian and it would unpleasant to see my player with the jersey that Italy have used in Euro 2012…

  4. Lyta says

    Pavle, great site with great infos, found it while googling infos ’bout new Album

    It would be great to keep up statistics about different versions of the Album. Hereby I mean by group of countries who share one album and not softcover/hardcover or complimentary/paid.

    Also diverse inlays inside (sich as CocaCola Stickers, Ball Stickers etc) as well as update stickers.

    If you get time it would be great to do the same for couple of last world cups.


  5. Daniel says

    Player info is not printed in the album, only in sticker. That, in my opinion,mis a step backwards for all devoted fans

    • Avatar of Pavle says

      Well it depends how you look at it. I like when they innovate for example. But about this I am not sure weather I prefer it on album, I guess its better, but I do not mind it this way either.
      The only thing that bothers me is quality of paper in album and player names not being printed on place for stickers.

    • zoly says

      Can it possibly be because they don’t yet know which 17 players to put in album for all teams? There have been a lot of big names injured, and they might want to wait till may and just release the remaining (uncertain) stickers! I know it’s a bit far fetched theory, but I would like to hear your opinion on this!

      • Avatar of Pavle says

        Hah, interesting thought, but it certainly is not like that. They issue stickers and albums and they do know the checklist of players. Its just they do not want to bother. Update stickers will certainly be issued, just like for 2010 and 2006.

  6. emeel88 says

    This thing bothers me too ” quality of paper in album and player names not being printed on place for stickers”.The last Champions League editions and Euro 2012 have the same difficulty for the sticker collectors, that we need to be more precautios where we put the stickers. I look 2 times at sticker number , and another 2 times at sticker-place number. And I have no bad memory , but there are 640 stickers, and in some unconscious moment or movement 2-3 stickers I put it wrong. And is very bothering when we are needed to take off a sticker from that poor skinny page without making damage for our album. So this I think is the major issues of this new collection “quality of paper” and “unnamed sticker places”.

    • Avatar of Pavle says

      Lot less then you invested in it, for sure. At least in the next 5 years.
      If you are collecting just to sell it, stop doing it.

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